Canadians receive long-awaited apology from person who first added raisins to butter tarts

Pastry connoisseurs were shocked this morning when 98-year-old Rosie Vasco, the first person to publish a butter tart recipe that inexplicably called for raisins, issued a long-awaited public apology for desecrating one of Canada’s most beloved baked goods.

“My sincere apologies to anyone who has ever innocently bitten into a butter tart, unaware that it is filled with raisins,” Vasco said in a press conference from her nursing home. “I have spent my life haunted by guilt for the undue anguish my recipe has caused the bake sale community.”

The apology had special significance to Jeanie McLean, great-granddaughter of butter tart inventor Bertha McLean.

At her home in Barrie, Ontario, Jeanie flips through a scrapbook filled with pictures of butter tarts. She stops on a worn page from a 1942 issue of Chatelaine and her eyes instantly well with tears.

“This is it. The first published butter tart recipe to include raisins,” McLean says. “It’s hard for me to look at. Dad says it’s what sent Grannie to her grave.”


 What do you think? Raisins or no raisins?

Click here to find Vicky’s butter tart recipe – unapologetically WITH raisins! But – you can leave them out, if you’re so inclined, and the recipe still works.

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