Chicken in Echo Bay, Ont. lays massive 180 gram egg

A hobby farmer near Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. made a surprising discovery last week when he went to collect his chicken’s eggs.

One of Dennis Goslow’s hens has laid an egg that is 180 grams. That’s heavier than a major league baseball and the size of a large apple.

“[The egg] seems to be a little bit warped,” Goslow said from his home in Echo Bay, Ont. “You can imagine, the poor thing coming out. It looks like an egg, but it’s a little rough.”

“It was warm when I picked it up,” he said.

A large sized chicken egg usually weighs between 50 and 58 grams. Goslow’s hen’s egg is more than three times that weight. (Dennis Goslow)

Goslow told CBC News he’s never seen a chicken egg this big in his life.

In 2009, a chicken in the Ottawa area made news when it laid an egg that was 143 grams. At 180 grams, Goslow’s egg might be the heaviest on Canadian record.

Unfortunately, there’s no World Record title in the cards.

The record for the heaviest chicken egg in the world was reportedly laid by a hen in New Jersey, USA in 1956. That egg was 454 grams.



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