French’s catches up to patriotic demand with all-Canadian ketchup starting now

It’s been more than a year since ketchup was thrust under the nationalistic limelight, as one man’s Facebook campaign to get Canadians to boycott market leader Heinz for closing its Canadian factory went viral, and boosted the popularity of rivals such as French’s in the process.

French’s was eager to gobble up all the goodwill, but this week the company took another step to ingratiate itself with Canadians by cranking up production at a factory north of downtown Toronto, which, at full capacity, will churn out 250 bottles of ketchup every minute.

The ingredients are Canadian. The workers are Canadian. And now, all French’s ketchup sold in Canada will be bottled here too, at the Select Foods Product facility in North York.

Previously some French’s ketchup sold in Canada was manufactured in the United States, but that’s no longer the case.

Brooke Gilliford, French’s country manager for Canada, said the move is the latest in a logical progression that started about two years ago when the company’s procurement managed to secure a large amount of Canadian tomatoes from Leamington, Ont. — the self-professed Tomato Capital of Canada.

“This was the next natural step to make sure that the end result was 100 per cent Canadian,” she said.


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