Rest of Canada unable to name city in Manitoba after Winnipeg was able to come up with Flin Flon and Geoff managed to remember Branden! How would you answer this question?

OTTAWA – Scratching their heads and stating that it’s on the tip of their tongues, everyone in the nation outside of Manitoba was completely at a loss when asked to name a city in the province other than Winnipeg earlier this week.

“I think there’s one that starts with a ‘B’,” said Brandon Stern of Wiarton, Ontario, who presumably was attempting to guess Brandon, Manitoba. “Braden? Is that one?”

“Oh, wait! Moose Jaw! Yes, I got one!” said Sherry O’Donaghey of Kitimat, BC, who was saddened to learn that Moose Jaw is in fact in Saskatchewan.

Angered they were not allowed to consult a map, the vast majority of Canadians tried to get off on a technicality saying that Winnipeg was the only city in Manitoba because of its size, but then went right back to making guesses based on their poor understanding of the province’s rich history and geographical diversity that was barely glazed over – if not ignored entirely – in their respective educational upbringings.


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