Thunder Bay bookstore seeks to solve the mystery of the misplaced photo album

A Thunder Bay, Ont., bookstore is trying to solve a mystery.

Somebody dropped off a box of books at the BookShelf this weekend — and left a family photo album among the donations.

Now staff are trying to find the donor so they can return the keepsake.

The album has a teddy bear on the cover and a few identifying notes inside, said Jacob Morris, who stocks shelves at the BookShelf.

“[There’s] somebody named John, who was born in 1999, who is apparently connected to somebody named Lindsay,” he told CBC.

The album contains a number of photos of babies and young children, along with photos of a golden retriever, he said.

The BookShelf only receives boxes of donations like this once every couple of weeks, Morris said, so it’s likely the owner of the photo album was the only person to donate this past weekend.

It’s not uncommon for people to leave personal items, such as individual photos, inside donated books, Morris added, but this is the first time he recalls receiving an entire photo album.

The album arrived in a box of mostly children’s books, Morris said.



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